Geet Govind | Hindi

120 Min | Drama

Sandhya Damle
MahalakshmiIyer,ShreyaGhoshal,AnuradhaPaudwal,Shankar Mahadevan
A two-hour performance, it throws light on the celestial love between Radha and Lord Krishna and explores the many parts of passion, love, experiencing joys in the experience, its playfulness adding light hearted tones for the audience. A lyrical dance-drama, an epical poetry with characters of Radha, a typical classical heroine, muse of Sanskrit poetry, is proud of her beauty, is completely in love with Krishna, playful, sulking, jealous, tempestuous and despairing and Krishna, the eternal male figure with elegance, is urgent charming and uncommitted. Starting with promise of a meeting, Radha finds Krishna with other women, engaging in ’rasaleela,’ involving dancing, singing, frolicking, merry-making to his ever melodious and enchanting fluting. Upset, jealous with his infidelity, Radha is in grave despair and her friends try to placate her. They remind her of their eternal bond, that Krishna too is in grieving at their separation and plead her to end hers and Krishna’s misery. Radha submits to their entreaties but feels abandoned on again finding him with anothergopi. Now, she is extremely disappointed and angry and asks Krishna to go away. Alone and separated, they long for each other. Krishna returns to her, apologises and makes her realise and understand how much he loves her. This performance draws an insight into, a picture of their relationship - Krishna repents, longs for Radha, commiserates with her distress, waits for her, makes her jealous, importunes and praises her, enjoys and reassures her of his love. Radha sulks and despairs, wastes away, flies into tempers, rails at Krishna, consents and finds joy and contentment in their ultimate union. Close towards ending, there is celebration of love and the beauty in their love and passion. The performance ends with a portrayal of description of their togetherness and their union.
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