Hero | Hindi

173min Min | Action, Drama, Romance | Hero on IMDb

Subhash Ghai
Jackie Shroff,Shammi Kapoor,Sanjeev Kumar,
Notorious criminal Pasha has been imprisoned by the former Inspector General of Police, Shrikant Mathur. To get out of the situation, he writes to his best man, Jackie. Jackie goes to Shrikant Mathur and warns him. He then kidnaps Shrikant's daughter Radha. Radha is given to understand that Jackie and his gang are policemen who have taken her away to the safety of jungles because their house has been invaded by bandits. They fall in love but she finds out that he is a goon. Nevertheless, she does not leave him but urges him to surrender. He goes and surrenders to the police and is imprisoned for two years. After getting released from prison, Pasha desires revenge against both Shrikanth and Jackie, so he kidnaps Radha, Shrikanth and Damodar. The question remains: What will happen to them? Will Jackie be able to save them from Pasha's clutches?
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