Juaari | Hindi

2h 1min Min | Action, Drama | Juaari on IMDb

Jagdish A. Sharma
Shilpa Shirodkar,Arman Kohli,Dharmendra,
Neeta's father looses her to Sanga in gambling Neeta's lover Vijay goes to Sanga and asks to free her.Sanga tells Vijay he will free Neeta if he could arrange 10 Lakhs within a year to earn money Vijay tries his luck in street gambling with Salim Topiwala they manage to earn some money until Vijay is jailed for gambling when he comes out of jail he finds that Sanga has already taken Neeta in his den Vijay and Salim go to gamble in Sanga 's club where Vijay kills Sanga 's son and is on he run while Sanga creates riots in he city in order to find Vijay,Dharam Singh a suspended cop is called back on duty in order to control Sanga's activities.
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