Kanhaiya | Hindi

175 Min | Drama, Family, Romance | Kanhaiya on IMDb

Om Prakash
Raj Kapoor,Nutan,Lalitha Pawar
Shanno lives with her mother, Paro, a housewife, and her dad, Nathamal, in a small village in India. Paro is aware that her daughter is a little special as she has seen her behave strangely, and at times sit and talk with a cow in their stable. Then of course there is her devotion to Bhagwan Shri Kishan alias Kanhaiya, and she wonders off alone in the woods dancing to the tune of her Kanhaiya. Until one day, she actually meets Kanhaiya and falls in his arms. The news spreads like wildfire that Kanhaiya and Shanno are having an affair, and in order to stay in the same village, they must first get married. Shanno is thrilled at this and gives her consent. Kanhaiya cannot believe his luck that he is marrying a beautiful girl like Shanno. During the marriage, Shanno gets a shock when she sees who her "Kanhaiya" really - the town drunk and slacker, who had taken advantage of her love for Bhagwan Shri Kishan, played with her emotions, and now is bent upon marrying her. Watch what the Village Panchayat does, when Shanno refuses to marry Kanhaiya, and is ready to even light herself on a funeral pyre. And all this happens when the village falls in the grip of a killer plague that may well devastate their community.
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