155 Min | Action, Crime, Drama

Shakti Samanta
Dev Anand,Madhubala,KUNDAN
Dinesh lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his mother in Bombay. On his 5th birthday his father leaves them never to return. Now Dinesh has grown up, is working for the Criminal Investigations Department and has been assigned to stop the circulation of fake currency notes. His investigations take him to Sunderdas, who gets killed. He then masquerades as Social Worker Abdul Rashid to try and get some information from a jailed convict, Banwarilal, to no avail. Finally, he dons the disguise of wealthy Kunver Vijay Bahadur, rents a suite in Hotel Paris and befriends Manohar and several other gangsters. He gets himself arrested and lodged in the same cell as Banwarilal. From there both men break out and join Manohar and the rest of the gang. It is here Dinesh will find out the king-pin behind this racket but before he can do anything he will not only find himself confronting his past, but will be trapped in an underwater fortress along with his sweetheart, Press Report Renu.
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