Buno Haansh | Bengali

141 Min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | Buno Haansh on IMDb

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary
Dev,Srabanti Chatterjee,Tanushree Chakraborty
Buno Haansh is the thrilling story of Amal - a simple man, born into a poor but honest family of Bangladeshi immigrants. He works as a security guard at a mall surrounded by materialism, which is just beyond his grasp. He gets tempted by the world of wealth and consumerism and leaves his safe and ordinary existence for a life on the wild side. A close friend introduces him to the underworld, and Amal quickly gets seduced and then trapped into a web of greed, lust and crime. As ominous shadows close in on him, the only way out left for Amal, is to pull the trigger.
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