Gulla Ebong Gullar Ghora

25 Min | Absurdist, Comedy, Documentary, Reality-TV, Short

Sudipto Nag
If you are tired of watching the same stuff then this one is for you. When Amitabh Bachchan plays coolie it might encourage the common mass but they can never identify themselves with the star Big B. Let’s take bicycle thieves as well. It is a milestone in Italian neorealism. One of the best scripts of Zavattini. But is it capable of capturing real life? ‘Gulla and Gulla’s horse’ is fresh, bold and directly countering the realism in fiction films. To what extent we can show a real life? Not only that. It attacks the Indian censorship. ‘Smoking is injurious to health, Milk is good for health’ just mocking the stupid censorship and maintaining the same spirit the film is mildly giving the viewers a new point of view. Despite many propositions the film relies on its audience and seeks an answer from the viewers rather than suggesting an answer.
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