144 Min | Drama

Sumitra Bhave,Sunil Sukthankar
Renuka Daftardar,Sadashiv Amrapurkar,Uttara Baokar
This is a story about two sisters in a poor rural family in India as their family struggles to come to terms with compromises that they have to make in order to survive. Their father's illness forces one sister to go to the big city to work as a prostitute, allowing her to send money home so the rest of the family can live in relative ease. The return of that sister to the village home to attend the younger sisters wedding results in a showdown in the family, bringing to the surface the struggles and double standrds of the parents in their willingness to accept money from the elder sister but at the same time wanting her to go away so as not to "spoil" their name and remind them of their guilt in forcing her into her city life and the moral compromises that they have made. When Krishna the younger sister insists that they accept the elder sister for who she is and indeed respect her for the sacrifices she has made, the mother realizes her mistake and in an emotional realization of her love for the elder sister, embraces her, welcoming her back into the fold with promises to bear all hardship but to never let her return to the difficult, amoral life of the city. - I am summarizing here and not really doing enough justice to this beautiful heartwarmng tale of the two (doghi) sisters.
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