Bangarwadi | marathi

124 Min | Adventure, Drama | Bangarwadi on IMDb

Amol Palekar
Chandrakant Kulkarni,Nandu Madhav,Chandrakant Mandare,Adhishree Atre
The story begins with the young schoolteacher walking alone towards the village called Bangarwadi, across a deserted landscape. When the teacher reaches Bangarwadi, he finds that the school is not working and people are reluctant to send their children to school. The schoolteacher, with a support of Karbhari (village head) successfully convince the local people to send their children to school. Over the next months, he successfully runs the school. Teacher tries to help the illiterate and needy people of the village with all possible means, which sometimes land him into troubles. After successful run at school, he convinces the villager to set up a gymnasium through community participation. He invites the king of the state, Pant Pratinidhi for its inauguration. A sudden death of village head leaves village and schoolteacher shocked, this is followed by a prolong drought. The schoolteacher tries his best to get help from government with frequent letters describing the graveness of situation, but gets no response. Drought forces people of Bangarwadi to abandon the village, leaving the schoolteacher alone with no students.
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